The natural world is the most ancient and successful source of medicines. In late 2015, Sirenas launched its proprietary drug discovery technology named ATLANTIS™ to discover the therapeutic potential of privileged chemistry hidden in the natural, complex environments of the global microbiome. ATLANTIS™ uses deep data mining approaches to uncover the relationships between small molecule metabolites from global microbiome collections and disease relevant biological assays. This process enables Sirenas to efficiently gain insights into the therapeutic potential of each molecule more rapidly than traditional approaches.

We seek to deploy ATLANTIS™ in the discovery of transformative medicines for the greatest unmet disease needs across the globe.


We’ve developed a leading team of experts to efficiently mine and translate our extraordinary technology into groundbreaking new discoveries for the most pressing unmet medical needs.

Jake Beverage, PharmD Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder
Eduardo Esquenazi, PhD Founder, Chairman, Head of Innovation
Phil Baran, PhD Co-founder
Eduardo Esquenazi, PhD Founder, Chairman, Head of Innovation
Mary Haak – Frendscho, PhD Board Member
Bob More Board Member
Jake Beverage, PharmD Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder
Phil Baran, PhD Co-founder
Benjamin Cravatt, PhD Scientific Adviser
Terry Rosen, PhD Scientific Adviser
Pieter Dorrestein, PhD Scientific Adviser
Christopher Walsh, PhD Scientific Adviser
Jin-Quan Yu, PhD Scientific Adviser
Alan Ezekowitz, MBChB, DPhil Scientific Adviser
Doron Shabat, PhD Scientific Adviser
Bill Gerwick, PhD Scientific Adviser
Jake Beverage, PharmD Chief Executive Officer, Co-founder
Eduardo Esquenazi, PhD Founder, Chairman, Head of Innovation
Phil Baran, PhD Co-founder


The company’s proprietary drug discovery technology, ATLANTIS™, uses data mining and machine learning approaches to uncover the therapeutic potential of nature’s chemistry from a diversity of global microbiome collections. Initially, Sirenas has deployed this technology in marine environments to sustainably collect samples of microorganisms and their affiliated commensal microbial communities, providing a rich source of valuable chemical diversity. Through these efforts, Sirenas has amassed a highly curated collection of hundreds of thousands of nature-inspired molecules that can be interrogated for their therapeutic potential.

ATLANTIS™ provides rapid insights into the therapeutic potential, chemical novelty, structure activity relationships and global distribution of each metabolite. This functionality enables the uncovering of therapeutic leads from a previously hidden, rich pool of privileged chemistry that can be leveraged to help tackle the greatest unmet disease needs such as infectious diseases and oncology.

Atlantis Platform Validation

The goal of the Atlantis Platform is to decrease by orders of magnitude the time to translate chemical diversity from the ocean into lead programs for serious diseases. Sirenas first applied our marine-inspired technology to the discovery of cytotoxic payloads for antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) with differentiated mechanisms of action, and validated the Atlantis Platform with the generation of four exciting payload leads in just one year.

Immune Modulation by Novel Small Molecules

In 2016, with our validated discovery engine and expanded expertise and capacity in biology, including a close collaboration with the California Institute for Biomedical Research, Sirenas initiated an ambitious effort to identify and validate small molecule immune modulators. Despite a crowded and competitive immuno-oncology field, there remains a need for novel small molecules that can be used in combination with checkpoint inhibitors and other approaches to cancer, and represents a tremendous opportunity for both impact and a reduction in treatment cost. Additionally, the capacity to modulate the human immune response in predictable ways with small molecules is an exceptional opportunity across many additional unmet medical needs, including neuroscience, infectious and auto-immune diseases.

Neglected Diseases

Sirenas is also working with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to leverage the Atlantis platform to bring forth promising small molecule scaffolds for malaria and tuberculosis.




Sirenas is actively seeking partnership opportunities with pharmaceutical companies and research foundations to broaden use of its ATLANTIS™ technology.bristol-myers_squibbIn February 2018, Sirenas and Bristol-Meyers Squibb entered into a multi-target collaboration to deploy ATLANTIS™ against certain undisclosed challenging therapeutic targets to identify potential drug candidates.


Since 2016, Sirenas has received two research grant awards from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation totaling $1.68 M. These funds will accelerate the use of ATLANTIS™, including the integration of machine learning approaches, to identify therapeutic candidates to treat widespread infectious diseases including tuberculosis and malaria.

calibrSirenas partnered with Calibr, a not-for-profit translational research organization, in October 2016 to identify therapeutic candidates in disease areas including immunology, oncology, and neglected disease.

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